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The manufactor of Powerstation series hybrid generators.
Green products for onshore/offshore operations.

Fuel Consumption

Idle (with active AC out): 0,1l/h
0-10kW load: 0,4l pr. kW/h (on inverter power)
10-32kW load: 0,3l pr. kW/h (direct engine power)

Fuel consumptions savings

idle load,              fuel saveing of      90%*
@ 0 – 10 % load, fuel saveing of ca. 75%*
@11 – 25 % load, fuel saveing of ca. 50%*
*Typical fuel consumption saving in compare to
60 to 100 kVA diesel generator.

Transport to site saving

Save up to 87% in transport to site. (Powerstation Plus)
8 Powerstation Plus in one 20 feet container.

Oil change interval saving

Up to one year oil exchange interval in 24/7 operations.**
** dependen of usage pathern. example from onshore Wind turbine installation) 

Why does the hybrid generator save you money ?

Most application for generators is with a variable load over time.
This meaning the generator is set to be able to handle the absolut peak power demand.
In the Wind turbine installation, we see that less than 10% load for the 95% of the time.

A standard gen set has a many dissadvantages when the load is under 25% og the generator capacity.
Efficient begin getting lower allready when the diesel gen.set. is less than 50% of its load capacity.
Long time under at 10% or less engine load is a major reason for engine failure.

Regular diesel generators has a need for frequent oil change and the engine is weared out in only 2 year even if hold inside 25 to 100% load. Even far less time if load is in the range 0 to 10%.

In our hybrid generators, the diesel engine is always kept inside ideal running conditions at 50 to 95% of its power rating.
Our engine is typical only running 25% of the time the hybrid generator is in use.
The engine is special optimized for extended service interval.
This translate to typical 6 to 12 months service interval.


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